Expo Limited Edition luxury foreign tourists once again triggered a craze

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When the “Daily Economic News” reporter went to the Finnish Museum of yesterday evening, would like to see wild reindeer skin “true”, the unexpectedly found in the shop only a few samples of reindeer skin. After a staff briefing, reporters learned that the original first batch of wild reindeer skin from Finland have long shopping spree, just in January in Finland, the local requirements within the supply organization. As the supply tight, the latest batch of reindeer skin Expo last night arrived in the Finnish Pavilion, just to the goods, there were hundreds of tourists booked in advance, and will staff a half months across the country by the courier service the hands of the buyer.

LV Expo at the get together

Has always been famous in France for luxury Memorial Museum shop has been unable to find traces of French perfume, earlier hit “French Museum” limited edition fragrance a month ago already sold out, only up to 4900 yuan legendary professional There are several sets of not smell wine buyers. “Daily Economic News” are written by the French Memorial Museum shop deputy manager learned that many Expo visitors to participate in the Expo, it seems only interested in the French perfume, two hours is priced at 188 yuan a box of perfume had already sold out.

For many who have not been abroad, and things did not come into contact with foreign visitors, collecting up to 10 bottles of French perfume seems it is not surprising, while the other staff members, according to the description, this limited edition fragrance sales to purchase open requirements, for those who visit Shanghai World Expo, and one-time consumption of visitors, home of the French perfume, has become The World Expo tour of their most valuable collection.

Booth Museum of LV France no doubt show us a different style of French luxury goods. Although not openly sell LV bag, it is only one box only opened the package and, quietly placed beautifully decorated booth at the top of the already admirable enjoyable.

Sold out of stock of wild reindeer skin

Finnish Museum of souvenir sales at stores, although the staff repeatedly to explain why the wild reindeer’s skin is to tight supply, we can not stop it curious. “Daily Economic News” reporter on the scene saw a wild reindeer skin purchased from northeastern Liaoning, Li said that his purchase price of 1,980 yuan a wild reindeer skin purely random purchase. National Museum for the Expo that goods marked at a higher price, Mr. Lee said he found it very useful to see, you can get back home to sleep on the sofa or bed Jie Ke, so in close consultation with the wild reindeer skin color and size, the Li readily shelled out money.

In the “Daily Economic News” when pressed by reporters, Mr. Lee said, buying a wild reindeer skin will need to spent 1,980 yuan, a lot of money for his monthly income is totally unacceptable, even only the equivalent of his day’s income. However, Mr. Lee could not immediately after payment and get this he dreamed of reindeer skin. According to the Finnish Museum souvenir shop sales workers, due to sales of wild reindeer skin is good, has been sent to the Finnish Pavilion 1000 has been looting in just 20 days, one empty, “originally intended to sell this 1000 is 6 months Now we only left a few samples, and the present supply will have been in Finland once again served to sell the Finnish Pavilion. “As already sold the skin of wild reindeer on sales data, staff have said to disclose. The “Daily Economic News” reporter in the museum to another salesperson to understand the situation, she is no exaggeration to say that even now the target amount of wild reindeer skin already as high as several hundred.

Other luxury goods sales

In addition, according to the Australian Museum souvenir sales personnel, they are where UGG snow boots are not selling well. The staff said that the first time in Australia we must think of health care products like, but ranked first in the recent inclusion in the snow boot sales are back from the dead, also said that the tourists do not usually how the Expo notes UGG. Museum of UGG Australia’s monopoly in the area saw the average price at 480 yuan a pair of wool snow boots, very good material, with known double face (double-sided sheepskin) of material, such as the maximum price of snow boot up to 3098 yuan.

It is understood, UGG sales store in Beijing has been high, which seems also indirectly led to the Shanghai World Expo at the slow moving snow boots.

According to the Museum of UGG Australia’s monopoly district staff understand the data, the current day Beijing UGG store sales could be as high as 30 million, and the World Expo held in Shanghai Museum of UGG Australia’s monopoly area So far the highest volume, but 7-8 million, the former is almost 4 times the latter.

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