How to Wear UGG Boots

15 July 2010 in ugg boots

UGG boots are the latest in fashion accessories,they are made of Grade A Australia Sheepskin.Due to their soft outer shell and their all natural fleecy lining, Uggs are both extremely comfortable, and thermostatically beneficial to your feet.They are very fashionable,and many celebrities have been seen wearing them.If you have just bought some Ugg Boots or just don’t know how to wear them ,here are some advice for you.
1.Tuck either skinny or straight leg jeans into ugg boots.Almost everyone looks nice.A very cute “wintery” outfit is to wear jeans tucked into uggs with a light or dark colored shirt (like white or red), along with a woolen jacket, scarf, or hat. This is the most popular way to wear ugg boots.
2.Wear wider-legged jeans over Uggs. This won’t work with jeans that fit too close to the bottom of the legs–you won’t be able to fit Uggs under them.
3.Wear it with denim skirts .It looks so cute.”with wooly tights in the winter” also looks really good .
4.Wear Uggs with shorts. They usually look the best with jean shorts that are above the knee but you could experiment with different kind of shorts, such as unique patterns, bright colors, or maybe different kind of materials.
5.Sometimes,”How to Wear UGG Boots” depends on what kind of Uggs you have.For example,if you have a pair of white “Fluff Mama” boots so in cooler weather, you can wear slim legged jeans or leggings with any kind of matching sweater or long sleeved shirt. Or if you have a pair of tall “Sunburst” boots, you can wear those with regular jeans and a short or long sleeved top.
6.My favourite habit with uggs is to wear light blue jeans or a dark khaki color pants, and a green sweater. It look SOOO good. Also, I go with suttlemakeup (natural looking) to complete the outfit. Maybe I will take some cute earings but no necklaces and no HUGE GONKY BELTS or anything.

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15 July 2010 ugg boots