Mitsubishi turbo diesel engine equipped with a new concept sports car light

29 October 2010 in uggs

Concept-RA will be a turbocharged 2.2L model clean diesel engine, the engine output of 200 hp and torque of 420 cattle. M, is also equipped with continuously variable valve timing intelligent control system. And other clean diesel engine is not the same as Mitsubishi, this system does not require urea injection to meet U.S. emissions standards.

Mitsubishi will be held next year’s Detroit auto show to launch a Concept-RA model, and now the draft plan on the car was released. Remembrance of the car first and second-generation Mitsubishi Eclipse car, Concept-RA uses lightweight body structure, including the aluminum space frame, but also uses all-wheel-drive system.

The engines power output through the dual-clutch automated manual gearbox will transfer out, the gearbox has also been used in Lancer Evolution X models. In addition, Concept-RA model also incorporates several other configurations, such as active steering and active vibration control.

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29 October 2010 uggs